From the Artist

The company was founded by June Schneider, graduated from Norwich School of Art, an experienced pet portrait artist with over 40 years of graphic design experience under her belt.

June has completed hundreds of hand-drawn and hand-painted images to date, and thrives on the opportunity to immortalise your cherished memories in your favourite media, in your chosen style.

Her pleasure is to create a bespoke artworks for you to enjoy of your loved ones, pets or homes. She paints in a wide range of mediums and sizes to suit your individual requirements.

June Schneider Happy Painting

Step 1


First of all, you’ll need to decide on the style that you’d like me to adopt for your custom painting.

Some people are mesmerised by the thicker, heavier strokes of oil paints, while others will always prefer the delicate look of an intricate watercolour piece.

Have a look here to help you decide.


Step 2


Portraits are done in a wide range of mediums and sizes to suit your individual preference. The number of subjects and the composition of your photo should dictate your portrait size.

You can choose what suits you here.

Step 3


When you order, you will be asked to send a clear picture – and I will use this image to create your personalised artwork.

I always ask my customers to supply me with images of the best possible quality. This is because a clearer, sharper picture will allow me to pick up on many of the finer details that make your pet unique.

Why You’ll Love The Service

  • Your Portrait is Painted 100% By Hand
  • 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Our prices are affordable
  • Best gift idea Family and Friends
  • Hand-crafted by a Professional
  • Full Satisfactory Guarantee
  • Fast Completion
  • Competitive Rates